Entry #1

My Music

2017-02-08 19:24:57 by Krynx

My Music is now downloadable. Hopefully this means my music will be on geometry dash :)


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2017-02-08 20:42:52

Okay, there's a new system in place. When you upload audio, do you see a check box to allow use in Geometry Dash? If not, your music can't be used in the game.

Krynx responds:

But you have to been scouted by robtop himself to have your music in geometry dash


2017-02-18 19:46:00

Actually, I was approved by moderators in 2009. Yet I can have my music in Geometry Dash.
The rules are that if you were already a scouted artist before the new system was put in place, your music can be used in GD. If you are scouted after this, RobTop has to approve your account.

Krynx responds:

And he hasn't done that yet


2017-02-19 18:12:26

My advice is to try contacting him.